How We Homeschool High School Fine Arts


Exploring fine arts – visual arts, musical, dance, drama, and more — adds so much richness to a high school transcript.

How We Did Art in Our Homeschool

How We Homeschool High School Fine Arts

We 7Sisters have lots of homeschool high schoolers with lots of different ideas about Fine Arts. We thought our 7th Sisters might enjoy finding out what our teens did for those important credits. (BTW- there are six of us 7Sisters, so WHO’S the 7th Sister? YOU are!)

Resist the temptation to cut fine arts when the academic rigors of high school require more time than did the younger grades.

Not only do the arts make for a well-rounded transcript at graduation, they also make for a well-rounded, less-stressed person.  God blesses our creative efforts with joy and peace and a love of working in community as we explore creative endeavors.

After years of homeschooling a total of 27 of our own kids, here is a summary of our favorite ways to homeschool high school Fine Arts.


Fine Arts: Choirs, voice, piano & guitar lessons, photography (major hours logging), competitions, drama camps with Sabrina, homeschool day-school and co-op plays, praise band etc.This has been like breathing for us.


Fine Arts:  

Music: My children were all involved in the homeschool choir and madrigal group in our area.  This was led by a very talented musician/director and they learned a great deal about music, working together with others in a choir, and vocal skills. 

Dance: All 3 of my kids took dance from a young age, and the girls continued to dance into their teens. 

Visual Art: This was never our strength, so we really did not do any (and that’s actually okay, you know; if your kids just aren’t gifted in a certain area, they don’t have to tackle it.)However, we did do a lot of art appreciation. My background as an Art History major in college helped me share an understanding of art even in kids who were not eager to pick up a paintbrush or charcoal. 

Drama: Drama Camps with Sabrina have been an annual piece of the fine arts puzzle.  My youngest also sang with our church’s youth worship team, and my oldest pursued piano and added accompanying the homeschool choirs to her skillset in high school.


Fine Arts: We LOVE arts!!! Each kid has had different interests and skills to develop over high school.

  • First Kid: Orchestra, Christian rock band
  • Second Kid: Choir, Indie band, art
  • Third Kid: Choir, Indie band, photography (earned BA in Photography – here’s her website now that she’s a professional!), drama
  • Fourth Kid: Choir, Indie band, art, video production (earned AA in Visual Communication), drama (Sabrina’s drama camps)
  • Fifth Kid: Choir, guitar, worship team at church, homeschool praise band, art and photography homeschool classes, drama (Sabrina’s camps and drama productions), violin, drums, Indie band.

Homeschool High School Fine Arts


Fine Arts:  Fine Arts is a passion for me, and all of my kids have passions for their own brands of creativity as well:

  • Cinematography,
  • dance,
  • vocal music,
  • piano,
  • guitar,
  • drums,
  • musical theatre,
  • acting,
  • directing,
  • drawing,
  • photography,
  • painting….all of these and more have been explored.  

We mainly find that cooperative endeavors are the most rewarding.  Homeschool Support Group and Community groups are a great, low-cost option. I offer Drama Camps each year. They have been a big part of all of my kids’ high school fine arts experience, too.  (Here’s the curriculum I wrote so you can offer a similar camp in your area!)


Fine Arts: Choir; Cinematography; Acting and Directing classes at our day-school.


Fine Arts: All have been involved in our support group’s choirs, as well as music lessons. Other forms of fine arts have been drama, cinematography, and photography.

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How We Homeschool High School Fine Arts

How We Homeschool High School Fine Arts

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