Marilyn Groop- the Mastermind at 7SistersHomeschool

Marilyn Groop 7SistersHomeschool.comMarilyn Groop is known as The Mastermind ‘round these parts; she has a remarkable way of taking a seemingly unreachable idea and turning it into a reality we all can share. Homeschooling her six children since 1990, she has dealt with a variety of learning styles and learning abilities – from gifted to learning disabled. Three of her six children are adopted and some had emotional issues that interfered with learning.

Since 1998, she has been a single parent and continued to homeschool despite the challenges that situation offers – graduating the youngest in 2015. In God’s faithfulness, her homeschool community was one of Marilyn’s sources of strength and stability during that tumultuous time. She loves to learn and she loves to see others succeed in learning.

Marilyn holds a BS in Physical Therapy from New York University. She, along with Vicki, founded Mount Sophia Academy – a homeschool umbrella and day school, where she continues to act as principal and academic advisor, as well as teaching some classes. This, along with spending time with her adult children and five grandchildren, helps her stay young (at least she hopes!)

Beyond her love of learning, though, is her desire to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” In Christ alone Marilyn Groop finds the wisdom and strength to say, “Yes!” to all the seemingly unreachable ideas God speaks into her life.

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