5 Ways That 7 Sisters Homeschool Curriculum is Awesome… and How to Use It!

Just a few ways that 7Sisters homeschool curriculum is awesome and a few suggestions how to use it.


Homeschool Curriculum

Among all of us at 7Sisters Homeschool, we’ve homeschooled 26 children through graduation. (And taught hundreds of others in co-ops and group classes over the past 20 years.)

Years ago we found that sometimes the available curriculum was a poor fit for our kids OR was so full of busywork that we didn’t have time to do the education of REAL life.

So each of us out of our expertise and particular areas of interest and passion, have developed curriculum that has been the RIGHT fit for our homeschooling high schoolers’ educational and time-stewardship needs.

Our homeschool curriculum includes:

Our kids (and the kids in our classes) have found that 7Sisters curriculum is AWESOME because:

1. The conversational tone and friendly style of instruction.

Material is not presented in an over-bearing, overly serious manner. It does NOT include time-wasting busywork.

2. Christian worldview of the etexts and guides in our homeschool curriculum.

This is especially important in subjects like Psychology, Human Development, and Philosophy. We want our teens’ formative thinking exposed to curriculum that enhances their faith.

3. No busywork or over-teaching.

Our kids got GREAT education and still had TIME to develop the other things a transcript needs (the arts, athletics, service, extra-curriculars, competitions.)

4. Easy level-ability.

Many colleges are requiring that the “academic level” of each core class be reported on the transcript. (There is no standard method, but here is a post about How-to Determine Levels drawn from what we’ve learned.) Each downloadable guide and text includes EASY instructions on ways to tweak the level of the material to fit the needs of your high schooler and his/her transcript.

Here is a general idea of how levels work in 7 Sisters homeschool curriculum (specific, clear instructions are in the front of each downloadable guide or text):

  • Level 2 (Average High School). Some of the work done verbally, no special assignments.
  • Level 3 (College Prep). Work in text completed per instructions in text, no special assignments.
  • Level 4 (Advanced). Work in text completed along with some special assignments such as projects, special-topic books,      or papers.
  • Level 5 (Honors). Work in text completed along with a rigorous number of special assignments including projects, special-topic books, or papers.

Some of our teens completed Honors- or Advanced-levels in their courses. Some of our teens did not need to spend time on Honors assignments, instead they needed to concentrate on apprenticeships while still earning an solid diploma based on honest work. These completed Level 2 and Level 3 work in their curricula.

5. 7Sisters ebooks work well for independent study or in a co-op or class setting.

We have designed the curriculum to work flexibly with students at various grade levels across high school so that homeschool co-ops can really enjoy using it without the teacher having to do a lot of adapting.

Read more on our Co-op Permission and Pricing Page for information on use and discounts.

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Homeschool Curriculum

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