Frugal or Free Homeschool Resources

Good news! Here are a bunch of frugal or free homeschool resources.
Frugal or Free Homeschool Resources

Frugal or Free Homeschool Resources

As you know, we 7Sisters have some very special Cousins. They are friends whose homeschool life and businesses we know, like and trust! Today, our Cousin Betsy is sharing resources for homeschooling high school that are either FREE or quite affordable.

From Betsy

Hi friends! I am Betsy from BJ’s Homeschool, and so happy to be joining you here and to be one of 7Sisters Cousins.  
As a long time homeschooler, I have been blogging about homeschooling high school since my teen was in middle school (about the time we were wondering about whether she would want to go to college or not).  

And if she wanted to, how would we make that happen for her?

I was one of those moms.  Scared about the whole college admissions process.  And unsure how they might deal with my teen, as a homeschool applicant.  At the time, our favorite local college, within commuting distance from our home, was known not to accept homeschool applicants. *Sigh*.
So I did my due diligence and researched the college websites, HSLDA and more to find out how we could deal with the college option for our teen. As it turned out, my teen got into each of the colleges she applied to, with her homeschool transcript. Including University of Washington-Seattle. The one that was known to be very hard to get into. 
And here’s the really good news. UW-Seattle now has loosened their homeschool admission requirements, big time.  Along with most colleges, they are now very happy to look at homeschool applicants, and are even wanting them! 

Today I want to share with you all my frugal and/or free homeschool resources for both doing high school and also for getting into college.

I encourage you to consider doing high school at home, if you are on the fence.  We are so glad that we did. And with all the great resources out there, and all those on my favorite site, 7SistersHomeschool, you will not feel alone. At all. 

You will be one of our 7th Sisters!

Enjoy your homeschool high school year!

1. How to Homeschool High School

  • Free on Kindle: Homeschooling High School with College in Mind
    • For a helpful guide for homeschooling your teen, whether they are headed to college, into the world of work or into the trades, I invite you to check out my book/kindle. After I was finished homeschooling, I decided to put together the resources that I used, for those families who came after me…especially for my fellow 7th Sisters.
    • It is a easy-to-read guide, with in a kindle form or in paperback, includes 12+ Downloadable High School Planning Printables, plus chapters on:
      • homeschool transcripts
      • assigning high school credits
      • making your own homemade courses
      • dealing with SAT or ACT
      • preparing your teen for college writing
      • college scholarships
      • my Common Application guide
      • course descriptions
      • plus more, with 17 chapters in all.
  • 7Sisters Authoritative Guide to Homeschooling High School (how-to blogpost/resource)
  • 7Sisters FREE online self-paced course for parents: Intimidated by Homeschooling High School? You Can Do It!

2. High School Transcripts 

To get started, let’s talk transcripts. 

3.  Planning Homeschool High School

For planning your high school, and to hear about my favorite homeschool high school curriculum, you might like my 
HIGH SCHOOL HELP FREEBIE PDF. If you click on this link: High School Helps Article, it will show you everything that is in this PDF.
Also: 7Sisters offers a free, self-paced (asynchronous) course for parents who might feel intimidated on how to get started homeschooling high school.

3. Betsy’s Favorites for Frugal Homeschool High School Curriculum

Sometimes looking for homeschool curriculum can be daunting.  At least it was for me, with so much great out there now for us high school homeschoolers. The good news is there are many high school level curricula that are priced to help your budget.


Some of my favorite frugal curriculum is from 7Sisters.

We particularly liked the separate Literature and Writing English/Language Arts Bundles such as:

American Literature: a Full-Year High School Course
Click image for full description.

We also liked their Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective.


Good ideas for electives in this post, many have links to frugal or free homeschool curriculum.

Freedom Homeschooling has tons of affordable elective ideas in this post.

FREEBIES from 7Sisters:

Good Answers Ministries

Totally FREE at 7Sisters: Apologetics curriculum from Good Answers Ministries. This is a series of videos with tons of apologetics topics. There is also a syllabus to keep you organized.

Special Needs Curriculum

FREE curriculum for homeschoolers with special needs in this post from Freedom Homeschooling.

Your Own Thing 

You can make your own English/Language Arts course that fits your teens’ interest and needs. In fact, many kinds of credits can be earned by logging hours of learning: books, hands-on learning experiences, field trips, videos, writing papers. We ARE homeschool moms after all! We can teach the way we want!

5. Video Workshop on Getting into College

For helping your teen prepare for and get into college, you might enjoy my video workshop. Follow along if you like with this outline below:


  • College’s admission requirements
  • Homeschool High School Curriculum
  • Making Your Teen’s Transcript
  • High School Electives
  • Adding in Rigor 
  • Number of high school credits required
  • Do the PSAT and Prep for SAT/ACT
  • Applications and FASFA

For a more complete outline to this video workshop: 8 Tips for Getting into College for Homeschoolers.

We found that homeschooling high school prepared our teen very well for college.  Doing high school at home gives our kids time to learn how to organize themselves, by first watching their mom do it, then gradually taking responsibility for their homeschool as they grow.

And don’t forget the fun, folks! 

One of my best times for making homeschool memories was when my teen was in the high school years. May it be that for you and yours, too.

Thanks for stopping by 7SistersHomeschool. Hope to see you around more on this great homeschool site.

My best to you all,


Betsy is a Christian, veteran homeschool blogger and mom to her college grad whom she and her husband homeschooled starting from the early years. She blogs at BJ’s Homeschool, and wrote Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition.


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