Fine Arts Electives Give Transcripts SPARKLE!

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 75: Fine Arts Electives Give Transcripts SPARKLE! This post is running concurrently on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 75 Fine Arts Electives Make Homeschool Transcript Sparkle


Fine Arts Electives Give Transcripts SPARKLE!

College admissions officers look at thousands of transcripts each year. How can your homeschool high schooler stand out? Fine Arts electives give transcripts sparkle. It’s one way to catch their attention!

Join Sabrina for an eye-opening interview with Dr. Duane Cottrell, Associate Professor Choral Music Education at University of Delaware. Duane is not only a professor at UD but also has homeschooled his own children, which helps him understand and explain what homeschoolers need to know about Fine Arts on the transcript and in college.

Fine Arts Electives Give Transcripts SPARKLE

Dr. Cottrell explains the current job climate where often:

  • Soft skills learned in Fine Arts make great employees in many areas
  • Right brained skills learned by teens who have studied the arts help build the creativity needed to compete in a career world new kinds of jobs are being invented every year

Dr. Cottrell explains the music major choices  such as (and why a homeschool highschooler might choose one:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (Liberal Arts degree)
  • Bachelor in Music (Music Education, Music Performance)
  • AND whether or not a graduate degree is required for success
  • AND how to find out specifically what your teen’s favorite colleges are looking for in their applicants

Sabrina and Dr. Cottrell also share how to handle Career Exploration in highschool so that they can clarify major choices.

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Join us for a real-life, practical information about Fine Arts Electives!

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 75: Fine Arts Electives Give Transcripts SPARKLE


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