What Homeschool High School Financial Literacy Should Include

While it’s clear that traditional high school Consumer Math isn’t going to prepare our teens for life in the world of today (read this post if you’re not convinced of that), what’s not always clear in our minds is what SHOULD be included in a homeschool high school financial literacy curriculum.

There are lots of great pieces of the puzzle scattered around the internet (like getsmarteraboutmoney.ca), buried in books that would overwhelm a high school student, or learned from our own experience, but pulling together a wise framework for a comprehensive financial literacy course requires a lot of time and effort. Sara Hayes has done the work for us, and her high school financial literacy ebook text will be available in just two more weeks here at 7Sisters.

homeschool high school financial literacy

Homeschool High School Financial Literacy

Sara didn’t go to college for business and finance; she didn’t apprentice under money gurus in a bank or investment firm somewhere. She did what homeschool moms do: she saw a need in her own kids’ education and she worked to find a way to meet that need.

You can find the story behind the creation of this new Financial Literacy curriculum here.

Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective, downloadable etext for $34.99!****



Included in this friendly-toned, interactive curriculum will be:

– Terminology and Vocabulary for understanding financial matters

– An extensive set of links to internet-based tools for learning and money management

– A Biblical foundation for wise stewardship

– A look at the time value of money

– A look at the impact of values on personal finance

– Tools for personal evaluation, goal-setting and review

– Strategies for record-keeping

– The wise use of credit, types of credit, the importance of the credit score, and avoiding the pitfalls of credit misuse

– Clear explanations of pay, benefits and deductions and the use of debit cards

– Explanation of the various types of financial institutions and the pros and cons associated with each

– Tools for recognizing threats and fraud, and ways to safeguard personal accounts

– Explanation of all common types of insurance with practical scenarios

– Tools for Career Exploration and the evaluation of the school costs associated

– Charts and video for visual and auditory learners

and much more!

financial literacy

Click here to see what Luke Hayes (Sara’s youngest son) has to say about the importance of financial literacy.

What Should Homeschool High School Financial Literacy Include?

Homeschool High Scho0l Financial Literacy




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  1. Pirates of Financial Freedom by Joey Fehrman is along the same lines. It’s exciting, from a good perspective. Not religious-but a fun angle to learn over 100 financial lessons! A necessity of any home school course.

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