How to Start Homeschooling High School- An Authoritative Guide

New to homeschooling high school? Here’s how to start homeschooling high school.

How to Start Homeschooling High School- An Authoritative Guide

How to Start Homeschooling High School- An Authoritative Guide.

Whether you start homeschooling high school at the beginning of a school year or somewhere through the year, there are some simple basics to help you get started. We have created a checklist and pulled together lots of information and resources to help you get started in the edition of our Authoritative Guide suite of posts.

First off, you need to know that there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school. Any information that we share here is a helpful guide for you. However, you are homeschooling to do what is best for your teens, so adapt anything you read to your family’s needs.

So, let’s get started discussing how to get started homeschooling high school

Here are the basics. You can do this!

Homeschool high school...You CAN do this!

Find out your state’s requirements for homeschooling

You can get this information in several ways:

  • Your state Department of Education
  • Homeschool Legal Defense Association
  • Your local state support group
  • If you are joining an umbrella school (or in some states they are called hybrid or charter schools), they will have that information for that particular homeschool format

Learn about graduation requirements for your state

Also, if you are joining a supervising organization like an umbrella school, you will learn about any additional requirements they would like to see.

Note: College-bound teens can explore some college websites to see what they consider a college-attractive transcript.

Work with your teens to create the goals for each teen

You do not get in your car and start driving and then decide where to go on vacation. The same goes for homeschooling. You need clear goals to guide you year-by-year through the next four years for each teen. Here’s a post on how to create homeschool high school goals.

While we are thinking about goals, it is a good time to make sure you have clarified your “WHY” for homeschooling high school.

Knowing your “WHY” helps clarify goals. It also helps you and your teens make choices on curriculum and activities (which should advance, not distract, from the “WHY” or the goals.

We highly recommend clarifying your “WHY” by creating a homeschool mission statement. You can download a homeschool mission statement workbook to help you with this meaningful process.

Writing your homeschool mission statement
Click image for full description.

Now, it is time for planning your homeschool high school

It is good to use your mission and goals to help you and your teens develop four-year and next-year plans. We have SO much information to help you with the planning process.

These posts from our Authoritative Guide series will help you get your plans in order:

Next, it is time to choose curriculum and learning formats!

I may sound like an old lady, but back in our early days of homeschooling, the idea of homeschooling was so new that many curriculum publishers were uncomfortable with selling texts to us. It was difficult to find curriculum beyond A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, and Alpha Omega.

These days, there is SO much to choose from. Hallelujah! I am so glad about that. However, so many choices can be overwhelming.

Here are some resources to help guide you in curriculum choices

How to Choose Homeschool High School Curriculum
Click image for full description.

There are also learning formats to choose from:

Once you know what curriculum and formats you are working with, it it time to decide your school-year schedule

There are so many valid ways to schedule your school year. Will you choose:

  • Year-round homeschooling
  • Block scheduling
  • Two-semester format

This episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast can help you decide on your best type of scheduling for this year.

While you are working on the schedule, stop and take a minute for more tips on planning the homeschool high school year in this authoritative guide post.

Next, work with your teens to help them create smart goals for the year

It is wise for teens to learn to own their education. In order to develop independent learning in teens, it helps to help them develop smart goals. This post will help you and your teens develop smart goals for their academics.

You can also download this FREE smart goals worksheet.

Smart Goals Worksheet.
Click image for this freebie

Set up a record-keeping format

You need to keep records of your school year. This post on record keeping from our Authoritative Guide series can help.

Not only that, but it is a good idea to start thinking about transcripts.

We can help with that. First, check out this post on transcripts for homeschool high school from our Authoritative Guide series.

Then, download our workbook on high school transcript- with included editable transcript form.

How to Create a High School Transcript. Create meaningful transcripts with this editable PDF transcript, course checklist and detailed guide.
Click image for full description of this product (which includes a transcript template).

You’ve got this!

Now, let’s plan on starting the new school year on a positive note

There’s not one right way  to get started homeschooling high school. However, it is always nice to start each school year with something(s) positive. Check out ideas for how to start the homeschool high school year well.

If you feel overwhelmed, that’s okay

There are so many resources for help and support these days. Here are some ideas:

Let us know how it’s going! God bless as you think about getting started with homeschooling high school!

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